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Good innovation. The philosophy of the Dentsu Group that empowers us all. A philosophy that can only be practiced through creativity or nothing. Quite simply, creativity is the one great force that leads us to finding genius solutions to problems. Without it, there are no real answers.
Here is a gift we all posses, no matter where our talents lie. If you believe in this, then you can make great things happen for you. So, let us celebrate creativity that works well and does good. For clients, for society, for humanity. The Dentsu Utama Way.
Dentsu Utama Sdn Bhd
Dentsu Utama Sdn Bhd Dentsu Utama Sdn Bhd
Dentsu Utama Sdn Bhd

Our credo: Creativity or Nothing.*

*The GOOD INNOVATION spirit of Dentsu. We live it through our philosophy of


Tried. Tested. And succeeded.

We never forget, we are consumers too. And like you, we're barraged with marketing messages every second of the day, even when we're asleep.

Admit it. Everywhere we turn, we're hailed, prompted and prodded. And even when we're not looking, they find their way into our mailboxes and mobile phones.

On that sentiment, how can you stand out in a heavily marketing-saturated world? How can we pique our consumers' interest to draw them in? More importantly, how can we employ them to
be advocates?

The Dentsu Way

There is a way to engage consumers differently. We call it The Dentsu Way. The Dentsu Way advocates proven tactics for getting your message via calibrated contact points to meet whatever specific goals you've set. Blah,
blah, blah, ...

Actually, we'd be more than happy to personally impress you with the process. This proprietary tool is so effective, it even warrants its own publication!

(Sign on with us and we'll provide you with your own personal copy!)

Our Work

An Unfinished Art

Honda HR-V
See Amazing From Every Angle

Honda City
Innovation, That Brings Pleasure To All

Honda Jazz
It’s Everybody’s Kind of Car

Honda CR-V
Because Everyone in the Family Deserves It

Honda CRV
Love makes all things possible

Honda Civic
Let Your Intuition Take Over

Honda Hybrid Family
Naturally Driven

Panasonic Lumix G
For Every Photonista

Panasonic 2012 Olympics
Sharing the Passion

I&P Group
Alam Impian

I&P Group
Alam Sari

I&P Group
Bandar Kinrara

I&P Group

I&P Group
Mad About Homes


We tackle our business with unbridled creativity - be it in our thinking or creative executions. We approach briefs not with a laundry list of media buys but solid, media-neutral strategies to deliver the best results.

  • Communication solutions: local, regional and global markets
  • Planning
  • Creative solutions
  • Design
  • Digital and social media design and strategies
  • Public relations
  • Activation
  • Sports marketing
  • CSR

Our People


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  • 8th June 2015
    All-new senior team prepped
    All-new senior team prepped
    Dentsu Utama boosts its senior team today with two promotions and two new appointments.
  • 6th February 2015
    Salvation Army Malaysia
    Good work appreciated
    Besides clinching 13 awards at Kancil Awards for our Old and New Book print campaign, we have also received an appreciation plaque of honour from Salvation Army Malaysia.
  • 9th January 2015
    Ascension to ECD
    Our brand new Executive Creative Director is now in office and in action.
  • 19th November 2014
    What a winning night!
    It was a night of glory for all of us at the Kancil Awards ceremony.
  • 28th June 2013
    A Space for Creativity
    Take a closer look at Dentsu Utama’s office at Menara 1MK in Mont Kiara and learn about what inspired its ‘Flux’ design theme.
  • 3rd May 2013
    Koolfever Logo Thumbnail
    Dentsu Utama cools the election fever
    Dentsu Utama and Kobayashi Healthcare provide relief for the public as temperatures rise amid the pre-election heat.
  • 28th September 2012
    Raising the bar with Dentsu Utama
    Dentsu Utama’s recent move into their new office marks the agency’s expansion as they continue to retain and attract new clients.


Be one of the family or embark on a beautiful partnership. All we ask is to leave your fears at
the door.

To deliver some
killer campaigns

Whether it's about building brands, advocating products and services or breakthrough designs, we're all about taking a different approach to your business. All this so your brand can stand above the clutter.

So drop us a line even if it's just to chat or seek advice.

To join the ranks

Stifled? Need a fresh break? Or just plain hungry to break down barriers and gain some fame?

As long as you're a gung-ho, eager-beaver, doesn't-crumble-easy or wait-to-be-told type, this is the place to earn your stripes and awards,
of course.

To kick-start your career experience

So you need an internship to graduate. Contrary to popular belief, advertising is NOT as glamorous as the industry's made it out to be. But then, you've selected your poison.

Now if you believe you possess balls of steel or some awesome superpower that can change the world, talk to us.

To make the world
a better place

This is our favorite part of the job. Doing work that does good for the people, our environment or anything that helps to better our existence on this planet.

Got a corporate service responsibility project? Bring
it on!


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